In dental practice LENADENTBG, you can get all dental services:

Dental treatment

The tooth had gangrene… After the successful Endodonic therapy is loaded with the process of condensation of Gutaperke.


Before hurrah for prosthetics and after.

Teeth correction


Before therapy,

During therapy,

At the end of the therapy,

The person insisted on taking off the apparatus because she was satisfied with the results of the therapy… further with the device’s support, a possible additional functional and aesthetic change for the better, but not the Hollywood smile.

Machine cost 500 €… in payments of €100 which are paid on monthly controls…. The controls are not charging!

Surgery of Implantology

Analysis of Costand tissue exclusively based on 3-D

Assessments from a 3d snapshot.

Assessing the capability of the implant settings solely on the basis of the 3d snapshot.

Installation of 4-and mini implants for Retenciju prosthetic.
(Price €1000)

End of work patients are satisfied with the stability of the prostion, which is no longer in the mouth…. from now on, he has the freedom to bite off food, glow bones and talk uninterrupted.
Now the patient has a conforted, functional, self-esteem treatment that inspires confidence.

Mini implants with loccators that were left to healing and receiving prosthood… a patient warned that better maintain hygiene

Pediatriia Dentistry


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